Friday, September 25, 2009

10 reasons I will keep investing in the Philippines

I will keep investing in the Philippines. Here's why:

1. The Philippines has a strong potential for growth. We have a young population and a dynamic democracy. I still see a bright future ahead and decent returns on my investment.

2. I plan to retire here, so it makes sense to have half of my investments here also.

3. Risk, what risk? Investors who placed their money on the US stock mark lost 50%. Risk is always present even in developed countries. I believe in diversification and what could be better than diversifying globally.

4. Reports show that Philippine real estate is undervalued. Would love to buy properties here and sell it later when it reaches its full value. Besides, I would not let the privilege of owning land pass me by (foreigners aren't allowed to own land under the present Constitution).

5. I sincerely want to help improve the Philippine economy. There is $30 billion stashed abroad, mostly by wealthy Filipinos. That would be a great boost to the economy if they pour it back here.

6. I believe the peso will appreciate in the long term beacause this century will be the Asian century and most growth will occur in this region.

7. My investments here will grow with the country. There is still so much room for the economy to grow and I want my investments to go with it.

8. I get more bang for each buck here. Money used to purchase a simple condo abroad could buy a stunning seaside villa here. Stocks and most other investments here are undervalued. They look cheap compared with those offered abroad.

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