Saturday, September 19, 2009

investing in jewelry

Jewelry is an important part of an investor's basket. Its value increases with time, just like other investments. Gold, in particular, rises in value especially in times where investors become concerned with paper assets and prefer to invest in real assets. Jewelry could also be a very good "pamana" or heirloom that will be treasured by your descendants. It is a tangible investment; you can see it, hold it, wear it (try wearing a stock certificate around your neck) and appreciate its beauty over and over again. Jewelry can be pawned in times of fiscal emergencies. It is readily convertible to anything and it has inherent value in itself. I have read somewhere that during the war, when paper money became nearly worthless, you can still exchange bits of gold for bread, fish or meat. It is good for the investor's psyche that should banks collapse, stock market plunges and all hell breaks loose, he still has this type of investment to rely on

Just remember to purchase jewelry from reputable sources. Have it appraised so you know how much its worth. Keep it in a safe place too. Investing in jewelry with aesthetic value is a plus, since this would add value to your investment. Rare pieces become collector's item in the long run and become more valuable should you plan to sell them. So if you have spare cash, why not consider paying your friendly jeweler a visit.

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