Sunday, September 13, 2009

why invest?

There are many reasons why people invest. It could be to buy a house or car or other big ticket items. It could be for the college education of your child. But my favorite reason for investing is to someday, stop working yet live the same lifestyle I have through my investment earnings. And I intend this to happen before the age of 60. Overseas filipino workers would want to do this even earlier. No one likes to be away from their families for 30 years or more. Investing allows you to earn more without working more. It's like having a slave that gives you money and you don't have to give anything back . Investments will allow you to retire comfortably. it will shield you and your family from financial emergencies like medical bills or the loss of a job. It will help our country since you are contributing your money to be circulated in the economy instead of hoarding it under the pillow. It allows you to beat inflation. Remember that 100 pesos today will only buy 96 pesos worth of goods next year and lesser as the years pass by. Your reason for investing must be very clear to you because it is the inspiration you will need to stick to the 10% rule month after month. It will prevent you from squandering your investments at times of weakness ( we all have that at some point) and it will motivate you to learn how to make your money grow. We all work hard for money, its about time we let money work hard for us

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