Friday, January 27, 2012

the Philippines is on its way to be the 16th largest economy

In 40 years that is, according to HSBC's "The World in 2050" report. When I wrote in 2009 my reasons for keeping invested in the country, I was never as optimistic as this report. Who would have thought that the Philippines would be attending the G20 meetings. The report says:

"The country is projected to be the 16th largest economy by 2050, a striking rise of 27 places from its current ranking."

“There are some truly remarkable hot spots in Asia... The star performer, however, is the Philippines where the combination of strong fundamentals and powerful demographics gives rise to an average growth rate of 7% for the coming 40 years.”

That should give some encouragement to those who maintain a positive outlook for the country. If we are on the way to becoming a large, developed economy, then it should take the value of our investments along for the ride. Again, the Philippines has so much potential and we are only beginning to make use of it. If we are to fully develop our agricultural, mining, tourism and service sectors, I think the country can accelerate its growth even faster. Perhaps the government plays a big role in this but I would like to play my part too, as a citizen, by being invested in its future. Happy investing!


  1. This is truly good! If only most of our countrymen be as positive and that instead of all the noise get ourselves organized and invest in our people by properly educating them and giving fair compensation I guess we would even surpass the 16th place. Let's make this a reality!!!

  2. I share your enthusiasm "Investing in the Philippines" and thank you for visiting.