Thursday, January 5, 2012

returns on stock investments

I would like to share the 12-month returns on my stock investments with citiseconline:

Percentage of portfolio STOCK 12-month return

25% AC 9.81%

4% AEV 3.47%

4% CHIB 3.95%

2.7% GMA7 -2.15%

3.7% JFC 11.25%

0.2% LPZ -23.96%

2.1% PNX -3.93%

4% PX -14.4%

2.7% SM 13.6%

12.4% SMC 2.95%

19.8% TEL 15.69%

10.1% URC 17.63%

8.61% VLL -9.44%

100% Total 6.36%

A 6.36% return (excluding dividends) is quite good compared to the PSEi which yielded 4.07%. The returns on Sunlife's Equity fund perfromed slightly better than the index, returning 4.1%.
Wouldn't it be nice if I had just invested everything with URC and got 17.63% in a year, but then again, that is in hindsight. Going forward I could have just easily invested everything with LPZ and lost (-23.96%) a fourth of my money. Another point I would like to share is that in stock investing, it is possible that you can beat the index and actively managed funds. But I still invest in mutual funds, particularly Sunlife, since I do not always trust myself to make rational decisions. I may have exceeded their returns for this time period but that will not always be the case. Diversification and risk management is very important. Happy investing!


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