Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is the best investment ever created

Let us examine this investment: it is 100% safe, risk free, offers infinite returns and you don't even need money, only your time, to invest. What is it? It's investing in yourself. It is investing in your knowledge, your skills, your personal development. No other investment can come close to this one. First, it is safe and risk free. Even if financial armageddon comes with banks closing, stock markets crashing and entire nations defaulting on their obligations, you will survive.

It offers infinite returns and you can never tell how it would help you. I love the story of how the late Steve Jobs took a calligraphy course in college and ten years later, it helped him design the typography in Mac and basically influenced the typography in computers we have today. All the neat space in between letters, the fonts, the subtle art form that we seldom appreciate when we read words on the screen wouldn't have been here without that calligraphy course. Investing in your knowledge can start by finishing school but it goes way beyond that. You can read books and other publications. If you have an internet connection, much of the world's knowledge is basically at your fingertips, all you have to do is look for the right information. Whatever interests you, read more about it. Invest in your skills, not only in mastering your present skills but in acquiring new ones. If you have mastered the art of marketing or teaching or nursing, why don't you develop other skills like carpentry, cooking, or playing an instrument. There are no limits to what you can become.

You also need to invest in personal development like building self confidence, public speaking and whatever aspect you think could use some upgrading in yourself. Money and time spent in improving your knowledge, skills and self offers infinite returns financially and in the overall quality of your life. Happy investing!

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