Monday, June 9, 2014

greater manila and metro cebu

If you are asking where to invest in the county, you cannot go wrong with these two areas. Growth in the greater manila area and metro cebu is at such a dizzying pace, its almost impossible to keep track. I'm particularly excited with cebu's airport expansion, having recently been awarded to Megawide-GMR consortium. An expanded airport would bring in more tourists and investments to metro cebu, further accelerating its economic growth. I'm also thrilled with Ramon Ang's unsolicited proposal to build a new manila airport on reclaimed land. Although SMC taking on more debt would negatively affect my outlook for the stock but that remains to be seen. It seems  the government looks determined to solving overcapacity at the existing NAIA, having commissioned a feasibility study to determine where best to put it. There is also the upcoming skyway which will finally serve to link NAIA with Clark airport via NLEX and SCTEX. It would be wonderful for the greater manila area to be served by three airports, that is NAIA, Clark and the yet to be determined third one in manila bay. As an investor, you would want to be where the action is, where the growth rate is highest. This is particularly true with land banking, that is investing in land that is yet undeveloped but lies on the growth path of these two metropolis. So for investors looking at investing in land, let the hunt begin. Happy investing!


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