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COL Financial now offering mutual funds

I am happy to share that online brokerage COL Financial is now offering its clients the convenience of buying mutual funds from the top fund houses in the Philippines. As such, investors can easily buy into these funds without having to open accounts with each one of them. I have been a client of COL Financial for many years and do encourage everyone to have a look at their platform. It is now a supermarket for buying Philippine stocks and mutual funds. Do pay particular attention to management fees when choosing a fund and don't focus on past returns as the former is a certainty whereas the latter is history. As they say in the fine print: past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes. Choose a fund house with at least a decade of experience and consider your exposure to a particular asset class. Buying five different equity funds is 100% exposure to the stock market and is not a sound investment decision. Consider buying a balanced fund from 2 different fund hous…