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Investing in the next generation of business magnates

We are familiar with the current set of business taipans and their respective companies: Henry Sy with SM Investments, John Gokongwei with JG Summit and Lucio Tan with the LT Group among others. However I am more excited about the prospects of our new business magnates. First on the list would be Michael Cosiquien and Edgar Saavedra and their company, Megawide Construction. These two engineers are transforming Megawide into a diversified business involved in construction,  airport operation, renewable energy. Second on the list is Injap Sia and his DoubleDragon Properties. This real estate company is growing so fast that established ones like Vista Land and Filinvest are getting left behind. Third but certainly not the least would be Dennis Uy with the PSE newbie, Chelsea Logistics. This company aims to be the prime mover of goods and services in the country. With a significant ownership of the 2GO group and more planned acquisitions, it is well on its way of becoming a shipping and logistics powerhouse. MWIDE, DD and CLC are relatively young on the stock exchange but the people behind them are experienced and savvy businessmen who have proven themselves capable. As always, consider the risks before investing in these companies. Remember to  do your homework and go through their financials and annual reports. Stock prices go up and down all the time but for long term investors like me, investing on Michael, Injap and Dennis is the way forward. Happy investing!


  1. Gujarat Borosil surged 5.35%, on BSE after the company opened its new glass melting and production facility for 2mm fully tempered solar glass.
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